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 The complex of the bugalows consists of

three independent two-floor buildings of

20 rooms each.

The Central hotel unit,

on the surface of an area of 10,000 sq.m. about

located to the side of the sea

with 160m face. on the sea.

The hotel unit is a building of

7 floors and 221 rooms

(The first floor has 17 rooms and

the other six 34 rooms and 4 offices each)

It has, that is , a total of 440 beds.

It has a reception room, food hall (500 seats)

kitchen, shared wc and living-room. In the  basement there is a butcher shop,

patisserie,cabbage preparation area, engine room, store food, electricity substation,

the Central Electric Tables of the hotel, linen closet,

drinks' storage room and 3 more stores,

snack bar on the side of the beach.

In the surroundings of the building there is

an independent ground-floor hall with a  bar.

An area for comfortable parking, fencing,

two swimming pools-illuminated at night-of sea water,

playground, mini golf, ping pong,

wastewater purification plant etc



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Location / Vicinity

AGIOI THEODOROI The first municipality that encounters the visitor entering into the prefecture from the National Road Athens- Patras, is Agioi Theodoroi. The city of Agioi Theodoroi owes its name to the traditional little church of Agioi Theodoroi, built at the place of an old Christian church.

Important tourist resort, just 65 kilometres from Athens and 20 kilometres, Agioi Theodoroi combine harmonically mountain and sea, being an attraction for Greeks and foreigners that visit the area. Is also suitable for permanent as well summer accommodation and there are many apartments and cottages for sale.

It is an ideal place in order to escape some hours from the suffocating environment of the big city. The many taverns offer traditional dishes and fresh fish, while in its picturesque small café, the visitor enjoys a cup of coffee next to the sea, enjoying the view of the beautiful Saronic gulf.

From the city of Agioi Theodoroi the road leads to Isthmus, the unquestionable sea "nave string" between eastern and western Mediterranean.

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